Friday, March 2, 2012

Fuggin' Friday #24

Here is the twenty-fourth Fuggin' Friday feature. Enjoy! If you don't know what a Fuggin' Friday post is, check out all the info here.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Big news in the camera world arrives as preliminary specs for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III begin rolling out. The revolutionary camera is a rare mix of high-quality static images with stunning HD video capabilities – truly making it a piece of equipment that can dazzle in any medium. While the preliminary specs can be found below, expect more information regarding release date and pricing in the coming days. For now, enjoy some of the bells and whistles the new Mark III will possess.

Source: Hypebeast

Read more about this week; The NBA Dunk Contest in Slow Motion, Kate Moss, and the Nokia 808 Pure View.

2012 Slam Dunk Contest in Slow Mo!

While the NBA dunk contest has certainly lost a little bit of the sizzle that used to come with the event, when the likes of Dominique, Michael and Vince would bring the house down, the event still proves to showcase some freakishly athletic maneuvers from some of the lessor known players in the league. The NBA trained high-speed Phantom Cameras on the action and the result is something truly spectacular to behold. Watch as Jeremy Evans, Paul George, Chase Budinger and Derrick Williams pull of their signature dunks for the night. Personally I think that the Tron dunk alone should have won the competition, but that's just me!

Another Man Issue 14 2012 with Kate Moss

For their 14th issue, and in celebration of the start of Paris Fashion Week, AnOther Man recruited Kate Moss to grace their cover for a special edition version. The photo was taken by the lively and respected British photographer/film director Nick Knight and the model’s outfit was designed by Alexander McQueen’s own Sarah Burton. The issue is set to be on sale from Friday, March 2 onward at such retailers as colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, Corso Como and Armani in Milan, and Tsutaya Daikayama in Tokyo. The official, non-special edition Spring/Summer 2012 issue will feature Garrett Hedlund and goes on sale March 15.

Source: Hypebeast

Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia is looking to regain a foothold in the smartphone market with its revolutionary new 808 PureView phone. The newly unveiled phone is built around a four-inch AMOLED display and a 1.3GHz processor that powers Nokia’s latest Belle operating system. But the real kicker with this new phone is Nokia’s PureView which allows the camera and its pristine Carl Zeiss optics to shoot up to 41 megapixels through an innovative pixel oversampling process. When shooting photos or video, this process effectively combines multiple pixels into a single “pure” pixel, eliminating visual noise and creating crisp, display-worthy photographs. Sixteen gigabytes of internal memory store those photos, while video recording clocks in with an impressive 1080p resolution. Videos can then be creatively edited on-board the camera directly and shared with the world. Check out the full specs in the Nokia press release here.

Source: Hypebeast

Hope you enjoyed the newest post for the Fuggin' Friday feature. Tune in next week for another Fuggin' Friday weekly post!

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