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About The Based Update
– This site has expanded from just the original idea of music to any level of talent. The Based Update does not only support worldwide and local artists, but directors, producers, models, clothing lines, a variety of brands, products, stores, photographers and more. If there is a talent or product at hand anywhere across the country at any level and a positive aspect is apparent, then it has a spot on this site!

International Readership
– Our statistics show that the top ten countries that view our site on a daily basis include the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands and China. With that you can assume the strong possibility that any talent, brand, or product featured on this site will have a vast readership spanning the globe.

General Statistics
Targeted age group: 15-28
Male Readers: 80% Average
Female Readers: 20% Average

Target Goal
– With the explained age group and the output of this site, we strive to continue to provide that same type of material that is requested. Since we ourselves are in that target age group we easily put it out in a way that is received correctly. 

Social Goal
– The social goal of this website is helping make this site expand the way it is currently is. Not only are we pushing daily posts on our Twitter and Facebook accounts which itself has over 225k followers, but the artists, talents, clothing lines, brands, and products themselves are pushing the posts and features which is why we are increasing readers and views every single month.

– As we interview and feature more and more talent and products with followings in the hundreds to into the tens of thousands, our readership and progress will continue to grow. We would love especially for all the electronic companies with gadgets and special products out there looking to meet the same target to contact us so we can expand together.


Twitter: 220k+ Followers
Instagram: 10k+ Followers
YouTube: 3.2M+ Hits


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