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Story: The whole thing started back in November of 2009. I had always been a huge follower and fan of music, especially from the artists in and around the Bay Area. When I started this site, the only thing I was planning to focus on was “Bay Area Music.”

The concept of “based” was started from a group called “The Pack.” If you are not familiar with them, they had the hit song entitled “Vans” in 2006. Lil B from the group took “based” to a whole other level and gave it a new concept that I really supported.

After seeing tons of Bay Area artists not get the shine that they deserved, I decided to make a site where they could be heard. Of course many people create sites like this, but my friendships with artists and other websites helped me get a quick start to readers and a respectable amount of hits for a brand new site.

Examples of some of the first interviews on the site include: Dev, IAMSU!, Bobby Brackins, Pink Dolphin CEO Cena Barhaghi & more. From there, others that have been interviewed include: TAJ the Director, Aris Jerome, T. Mills & dozens of more artists and creators alike.

This lead me to my next endeavor, Young California. Re-creating a platform that I started here, but for the entire West Coast. Since then, we have successfully built something that’s generated millions of hits through not only the site, but various social media platforms. With the continuing growth of that website, this site has shifted into not only a focus on West Coast music, but everything I keep my eye on outside of that circle.

To the movies!

As you can see, I still post some of the music highlights from Young California on this site, but the exclusive transition has lead me into my biggest passion, film. Right now I will share my opinion on things happening around the industry; whether it’s 4K & Blu-Ray reviews, anticipated releases, trailers, my thoughts on certain ‘hot topic’ issues surrounding memberships, clubs, etc. I’m slowly dipping my feet into these features and so far it’s been a positive response. You can check out that HERE from the exclusives tab.

If things continue on a positive note on this front, I will push more content out as I can. I look forward to doing so. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Instagram if you have anything to add.

First Post: Site Release Date
November 22, 2009