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Story: The whole thing started back in November of 2009. I had always been a huge follower and fan of music, especially from the artists in and around the Bay Area. When I started this site, the only thing I was planning to focus on was “Bay Area Music.”

The concept of “based” was started from a group called “The Pack.” If you are not familiar with them, they had the hit song entitled “Vans” in 2006. Lil B from the group took “based” to a whole other level and gave it a new concept that I really supported.

After seeing tons of Bay Area artists not get the shine that they deserved, I decided to make a site where they could be heard. Of course many people create sites like this, but my friendships with artists and other websites helped me get a quick start to readers and a respectable amount of hits for a brand new site.

Examples of some of the first interviews on the site include: Dev, IAMSU!, Bobby Brackins, Pink Dolphin CEO Cena Barhaghi & more. From there, others that have been interviewed include: TAJ the Director, Aris Jerome, T. Mills & dozens of more artists and creators alike.

This lead me to my next endeavor, Young California. Re-creating a platform that I started here, but for the entire West Coast. With the growth of that website, this site has shifted into not only a focus on West Coast music, but everything I keep my eye on.

First Post: Site Release Date
November 22, 2009