Starting The Based Update
The whole thing started back in November of 2009. I had always been a huge follower and fan of music, especially from the artists in and around the Bay Area. With that, that was the only thing I was planning on focusing at the beginning, “Bay Area Music.” The concept of “based” was started from a group called “The Pack,” if you are not familiar with them they had the hit song titled “Vans” in 2006 that I am sure you are aware of. Lil B from the group took “based” to a whole other level and gave it a new concept that I really agreed with and supported. At that time I was friends with him during this creation along with being affiliated with other members of the group.

After seeing tons of Bay Area artists not get the shine that they deserved, I decided to make a site where they could be heard. Of course many people create sites like this, but my friendships with artists and other websites helped me get a quick start to readers and a respectable amount of hits for a brand new site. Examples of some of the first interviews on the site include: Dev, IAMSU!, Bobby Brackins, Pink Dolphin CEO Cena Barhaghi & MORE. From there others that have been interviewed on this site in the past include people like TAJ the Director, Aris Jerome, Kool John & many other members from the HBK Gang just to name a few. I am not the reason that you know some of the people interviewed on this site, but I could have been a stepping zone to new fans, opportunities, and gigs. I think you can say I have a good EYE as to what’s next. That was and still is one of the points of the website now; push talent out to people that need to hear it and see it!

The Based Update Alias
The name “The Based Update” came together really in a really simple way. I was involved in the early stages of the “based” movement and I was giving updates through certain pages on MySpace I made which people were enjoying and following. So, the idea just came to me to put it all in one place with a really simple, but catchy idea. The idea was original and everything here was created before things with this idea of “based” started to get around. This is the number 1 and original source!

Update About The Based Update
Based has expanded from just the music aspect to any level of talent. As you can see the site not only supports Artists, but Directors, Producers, Models, Clothing Lines, Stores, Photographers and more. If there is a talent at hand anywhere across the country at any level and a positive aspect towards this movement is apparent, then it has a spot on this site!

First Post: Site Release Date
November 22, 2009