The Bay Area’s Champion: IAMSU! Interview

Within the last 3-4 years, the hip-hop world has witnessed the return of regionalism – that distinctive sound indicative of the culture-mixing that sonically occurs in poor neighborhoods around the nation. Here in the West Coast, the torch has been best held by the new movement in the Bay Area. Usually slept on, Bay artists – and their classic drums that everyone has to have in their production – have in the last few years completely infiltrated a rap system that formerly excluded many of them. Young Iamsu! of the HBK gang represents this new crop of artists coming out of Bay with ambitious aspirations.

His strong features on recents hits like “Function” with yay ambassador E-40 and the summer club hit “Gas Pedal” with friend Sage the Gemini have proven that this new sound is no fluke and is ready to play a major role in the ever-changing hip-hop landscape. We sat down with Iamsu! after a recording session in LA and chatted about this newfound attention the Bay has been receiving, the power in staying independent, and moves artists should make in order for them to not be just another flash in the pan. -The Hundreds