What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Popular Demand

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Today we got a brand new exclusive package from my good friends over at Popular Demand! This is one of my favorite brands out there right now so continue below to see what they hooked us up with!!

Packaging: The packaging from Popular Demand always comes together with zero faults like every review posted on this site. They strive for it and they never fail. As per review, every item you get comes to you individually wrapped in poly bags keeping it right out the printer fresh. The package also came to us via UPS, so this will get to your door quick, especially if you are in California or the Los Angeles area!

Design: The designs from Popular Demand are as I always state: trendy, very loud, colorful and demanding all of your attention! This time around we received gear from the newest Holiday collection on the darker scale of things… Meaning black and white. This time around we have all Rosa Takeovers, Webs, T.O. Logos, Halftone Prints, Bold Prints, BOLD & a lot more. Make sure you check out the gear and more HERE.

Quality: The quality from Popular Demand always sits at a high quality. This was the first time I noticed a different style of tee from the brand. Instead of the usual solid/heavyweight style of shirt you always get, this time it was a little more lightweight. You’ll never question quality with Popular Demand, but it might take a little bit getting use to being lightweight from this brand, at least to me since I am so used to the other way.

What’s left?: Also included in the package was two snapback hats. The two I received where the clean and simple Popular Script Snapback and the Popular X Snapback with the logo’s and X’s all in white. (Note: I’m working on a new way to upload these high quality pictures, the quality is not coming through with this current template.)

Is it Approved? Yes of course! Go get yourself some brand new gear for the cold Holiday / Early Winter season right now! As the brand continues to grow, I only look forward to what is to come next. Spring is next so stay tuned for bright colors and new looks on the way!

Shout out to the entire Popular Demand Staff as usual! Nothing but love!