What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Popular Demand

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Today we got a brand new exclusive package from my very good friends over at Popular Demand! I love what this brand is doing this year, so take a look at what’s below.

Packaging: The packaging from Popular Demand always comes together with zero faults. As per review, every item you get comes to you individually wrapped in poly bags keeping it right out the printer fresh. The package always comes to us via UPS, so this will get to your door quick, especially if you are in California or the Los Angeles area! 2-3 days at the most.

Design: The thing I have always loved about Popular Demand is that the designs are trendy, very loud, colorful and demanding all of your attention! Today, we received gear from the newer Aerospace & Super Poor Kids Collections. On the Aerospace side we got the Shield Hoodie along with the Aerospace Logo and Helmet tees. This collection is my favorite so far because of my nerd-ness for NASA, so the American colorways with space designs are awesome!

Moving toward the next part of the package, we focus on the Super Poor Kids Collaboration Collection. “Popular Demand teamed up with the TheSuperPoorKids, a New Jersey based artist collective, founded by brothers Jay and Lu Reyes. Popular Demand and SPK have created a very unique capsule collection. That features original images of Popular Demand’s beautiful LA-based model friends shot by Popular Demand’s own photographer, Mike Le. The images were then given to the Reyes brothers to be used as a canvas for the Super Poor Kids’ vibrant, distinct painting style.” With that we received the Tara tee, the Gina tee and the Square Flag tee.

Quality: The quality from Popular Demand is always great. As I mentioned in my last review, the brand is using a different style of tee now. It use to always be a solid & heavyweight type of shirt, but now it is closer to a lightweight tee sitting at 100% cotton and weighing in at 6.1 ounces. Quality in the print and design is still there, just on a different type of tee now. The hoodie is premium as well sitting at 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Very comfortable and warm.

What’s left?: In this package there wasn’t any accessories, but you can head over to their site and get your snapback and bucket hats, socks, coin pouches and even air fresheners.

Is it Approved? Yes of course! Go get yourself some brand new gear right now! For years I have been telling brands to expand their releases. You can still have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter releases, but mix it up! Throw in a 4th of July tee, Halloween tee, even St. Patricks Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, whatever. Popular Demand is doing just that this year by releases new lineup’s every two weeks. We have already seen Venom, Flip, Aerospace, Super Poor Kids and now Royal Flush. I will be looking forward to what this brand has whipped up all year!

BIG S/O Popular Demand Staff as usual! Nothing but love!