Pink Dolphin Fall ’15 Lookbook (Part 1)

Fall2015-LB-P30The brand new lookbook from Pink Dolphin has landed! I know that summer is still in full swing, but Part 1 will release on July 18th at SF & LA flagship stores at 11am. In this new collection and release you can see all of Pink Dolphin’s logos in new shapes and forms along with new designs in head to toe fashion with new tees, button ups, hoodies, bottoms, denim, accessories and more. Hit the jump to check out other looks and stay tuned for the release.Fall2015-LB-P2 Fall2015-LB-P3 Fall2015-LB-P4 Fall2015-LB-P5 Fall2015-LB-P7 Fall2015-LB-P9 Fall2015-LB-P12 Fall2015-LB-P14 Fall2015-LB-P16 Fall2015-LB-P17 Fall2015-LB-P22 Fall2015-LB-P26 Fall2015-LB-P28