Pink Dolphin Summer ’16 ‘Opening Capsule 1.0′ Lookbook

Cf35JDWVAAAlIlrRight when you thought Spring had hit, BAM Summer 2016 is here and Pink Dolphin has it done right with their brand new ‘Opening Capsule 1.0′ lookbook release! The summer collection is always my favorite with the brands flashing colors coming to-point-on-point. The collection itself will release on April 16th at Midnight EST and at SF/LA flagship stores at 11 AM. Hit the jump to check out more looks and more info on the way.

SU16LB_OpeningCapsule01 SU16LB_OpeningCapsule02-2 SU16LB_OpeningCapsule03 SU16LB_OpeningCapsule07 SU16LB_OpeningCapsule13