What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Sworn To Us

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Just in time for Spring we are going to review a new brand we just got introduced to Sworn To Us. More exclusive stuff is on the way, so see what you can get your hands on right now in the review/pictorial below!


Packaging: Nothing negative to report here, it came right to the door properly packaged top to bottom. If your second guessing a new brand, don’t do that here.

Design: “We are a group of young, talented individuals based in Los Angeles with the mindset to outwork everyone. We have experience in the industry and bring a innovative approach towards fashion. We are expressing our passion in our work, in our brand, and in our clothing. We make clothes that WE like and will not sacrifice quality under any circumstance.”

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“We offer a fresh approach towards streetwear. We have the ability to think, build, design, and create anything we find fitting for our brand. Given our experience in the industry, we know our brand will stand up to the highest quality products in the market. We are here to create items that break through the glass ceiling.”


“There is nothing stronger than a brotherhood. We have built a bond off of trust, honor and secrecy. We are collaborative, and together will break through the masses to surpass everyone’s expectations. We are open minded and will rise against any and every obstacle that is thrown our way. If one of us makes it, we all make it. We are Sworn To Us.” I like the whole style this brand is shooting for and you can see it in the designs. Now, tell me if these designs lead you otherwise…. I don’t think so.

Quality: When it comes to tee’s standard tee’s everything is made of 100% cotton, 5.5 ounce premium shirt. With that it will shrink a little, but I don’t think it will be that much of a deal. The Scallop tees are made with soft, 100% cotton as well and features side seam construction, a slightly longer length, and scoop bottom hems. Everything is clean & comfortable.


The Sworn To Us ‘Knuckleball Baseball Jersey’ as they say “is perfect for sliding into DM’s.” This Jersey is screen printed on 100% cotton as well. As for the joggers, they are 80% cotton / 20% polyester and are a 8 ounces weight to provide a comfortable and warm product. They note on the site that you might want to order a size up and I recommend that you do so as well.


My favorite: The Sworn To Us ‘Coaches Jacket’ is a staple piece that highlights our Signature Slashes. The slashes symbolize the willingness to take risks, breakthrough and succeed. The imperfections within each slash represent the obstacles needed to become something great.


100% Nylon Shell. 100% Polyester Lining. Elastic sleeve opening. Drawcord bottom opening. Slant front welt pockets. Water Resistant Shell. Modern fit.

What’s Left: With some more established brands you will get stickers, pins or whatever else, but we didn’t get any this time around. It’s not a negative aspect at all, with this brand getting it’s name out there it’s more important to put that extra bread to quality and better releases than little things. No big deal.


Is it Approved? Now, since this is a brand new brand we have been introduced to, this actually means something this time around. Let me just say that I really like the way the brand has marketed themselves and I think we will see more good things in the future. Do yourself a favor and go and get some gear over on their online site. They have some new things I know you will like.