What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Raw Legends Co

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Just in time for Fall we are going to review a new brand we just got introduced to Raw Legends Co. You will definitely want to pay attention and get your hands on right now! Peep the review/pictorial below!

Packaging: Nothing negative to report here, it came right to the door properly packaged top to bottom. If your second guessing a new brand, don’t do that here.


Design: The trend that is catching on really fast is clean cut, length and comfort. Raw Legends sticks to that from start to finish in the pieces that they sent me inside their Hiatus Capsule. I really like the logo on the back of “Reign of Terror” Tee and I would suggest checking out the Mesh version as well!

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I talked to the man behind the brand and he says, ” I like sticking with neutral color layering pieces that can be worn yearly.” He also said — me paraphrasing his words — that he stopped catering to a certain type of style or group of people and starting designing clothes he likes to wear. With that his sales and his brand has grown. I don’t BS on here and I don’t just wear anything. This brand is on point , I wear it and I look forward to what’s next.

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Quality: Their tee’s and short sleeves are 100% Cotton with a rounded woven label, some are even pleated and rounded at the hip ‘the current in-style look.’ They tend to run a little big, but that’s not a big deal, a little big is nothing. Whatever size you are, order it and you will be in good shape. This gear is also super comfortable and simple, but in good ways all around. “Reign of Terror!”

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The sweater is 100% luxurious cotton with a Gold zipper pouch and cap drawstrings. It’s heavy duty, super warm and sit’s right on point with the other material. It’s built to all be warn together and it looks good that way too. Nice work.

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What’s Left: With some more established brands you will get stickers, pins or whatever else, but we didn’t get any this time around. As noted in previous reviews, it’s not a negative aspect at all; with this brand getting it’s name out there it’s more important to put that extra money into quality and bigger releases.

Is it Approved? This is a new brand, so this section means something because they are currently building. Let me just say that I really like the way the brand has marketed themselves and the way everything looks, both on the site and when your wearing it. It’s tailored, in-style, trendy, simple and clean. Do yourself a favor and grab gear over on their online site. They have plenty of things you will like.