Oscars ’17: My Predictions

oscarnomsIt’s that time again where we all sit down and watch the awards given out to all the best movies that came out over the past year. Now that I’ve seen practically all the movies nominated this year I figured I should throw my predictions out this year, at least for the main ones. Follow below and let me know if you agree or not. The only thing I hope for tomorrow night is we can focus on movies and not hear politics from a bunch of millionaires — yes, I’m talking to you Meryl, just be quiet.

Cinematography —


In what will be a huge night for La La Land, one of the many awards they will win will be for Best Cinematography. There are plenty of parts in this film that screams WIN, especially out the gate with the very first scene.

Who should win: La La Land

Sleeper: Arrival (Just cause I want it to win)

Original Screenplay —


At the Oscars, what’s the difference between original screenplays and adapted screenplays? The answer is easy: Adapted screenplays are based on other works, while original screenplays are based on the writer’s own idea. “Manchester by the Sea is a tour de force of character development, narrative pacing, and flashback storytelling, not to mention a surprisingly high quotient of funny dialogue.”

Who should win: Manchester By The Sea

Sleeper: La La Land (I really hope not)

Adapted Screenplay —


The Academy moved two scripts, “Moonlight” and “Loving,” from Original to Adapted. Technically, the play Barry Jenkins adapted with playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney was for something that was never produced – “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue.” They decided that Jenkins did adapt the moving Miami-set coming-of-age triptych from another source. Easily enough start to finish “Moonlight” is at the top of this list either way.

Who should win: Moonlight

Sleeper: Hidden Figures

Best Animated Film —


While this category is SUPER strong this year with a number of potential winners, Zootopia edges out the competition. While you can talk about the insane visuals, detail and story — it’s the lesson that is learned and what it conveys to children — that you can be whoever you want and do anything you want no matter who you are. It’s too strong to lose. 

Who should win: Zootopia

Sleeper: Kubo and the Two Strings

Supporting Actress —


To me, this may be the most clear cut winner on the entire ballot. Viola from start to finish screams Oscar, especially that one scene in the movie where she lays everything out on the line to fellow nominee Denzel Washington about her live, love and sacrifice she has given for her family. I’d be shocked if this goes any other way.

Who should win: Viola Davis

Sleeper: None

Supporting Actor —


While Jeff Bridges dominates ‘Hell of High Water’ and could still win in my mind, most of the nominees in this category don’t have a lot of screen time. This category is stacked in it’s own right even due to lack of screen time, but Mahershala Ali’s impact on ‘Moonlight’ spreads throughout the entire movie even though he’s seen in the first 1/3 of the film. I found myself waiting for him to return the entire rest of the film, the impact he had should take the cake.

Who should win: Mahershala Ali

Sleeper: Jeff Bridges

Best Director —


La La Land is going to fill so many slot wins this year, like mentioned before, and it will also take home Best Director with Damien Chazelle as one of time. He literally brought musicals back to the foreground in a masterful way — so much so that people will be rolling their eyes halfway through the show as they continually stack awards in other categories. 

Who should win: Damien Chazelle

Sleeper: Barry Jenkins

Best Actress —


This category should have had Viola Davis in it as well, to me it doesn’t make sense that she ‘supports’ in Fences, but that just leads the way for Emma Stone to win in this category. She charms with success and breaks your heart at the end too. I can’t spoil anything on here, but La La Land as a film, perfects things you think wouldn’t work — and with two main stars at the forefront it just makes sense.

With that in mind you also have Natalie Portman who can’t be forgotten: she “portrays a woman who is powerful and vulnerable, strong and broken, manipulative and helpless, loving and spiteful, with ease.” Natalie just happened to be a part of a movie that was released with the onslaught that is La La Land. Hollywood is going to pimp it’s own movie all night, as it rightfully should.

Who should win: Emma Stone

Sleeper: Natalie Portman

Best Actor —


This is the category that has grown more confusing for me because now people are saying Denzel should win now that ‘Fences’ has grown more legs… While Denzel embodies absolute power as a phenomenal actor the entire movie with strong lines and a powerful voice, I feel Casey gives that same performance with less words edging him ahead of the competition. With what he’s gone through in the movie – while cooping with depression and his brother’s death — every word takes so much effort, and it shows from beginning to end.

Who should win: Casey Affleck

Sleeper: None

Best Picture —


With this last prediction I am going to break my own rules because while La La Land is going to win, I don’t care and I won’t mark that in my ballot. I really think, hope — and it better be Moonlight. Everything that Moonlight depicts is amazing and it’s an exquisite piece of art from the very beginning to the literal last second. This is one of a few movies that I have recommended to everyone! 

La La Land has been in talks about how great it is this the last few months and it will continue through this weekend, but Moonlight’s legs haven’t even began. This film wasn’t at every theater, it wasn’t a HUGE release, so not everyone has seen it. La La Land has $343 million worldwide while Moonlight has $21 million because you couldn’t just go to your local theatre to see it. When the world gets wind of what Moonlight is after tomorrow night and they pick up a copy, (which releases on Blu-Ray two days after the Oscars) people will be talking about it just as much as they do La La Land. They both should get an award for the film, but they are two different beasts in a competition where one stands with a clear advantage.

Who should win: Moonlight

Who’s going to win: La La Land