AMC A-List Review

If you read my piece on the benefits of both AMC’s A-List & Movie Pass, you’ll know that I already spent more than $20 a month at my local AMC Theater, so going to the A-List subscription was a complete no brainer for me.

Here’s the conclusion I came to: “It’s giving me the opportunity, as a movie-goer, to maximize my free time with more viewings.”

Now on to the official review:

I’ve been a A-List Member for a full 3 1/2 months now and it’s the best thing out there when it comes to the movie theater expierence.

The first thing to put a focus on is the ease of the app and the entire process after you sign up. The UI is easy to follow, easy to read and understand. It’s all digital and it’s all simple. Nothing is complicated and it’s seamless start to finish. Some apps take a bit of learning, or trial and error… not here. It’s built for ease and simplicity, so that’s what you get.

AMC makes it a point about the ease… they’ve succeed.

From here you head over to the theater.

Once you get there, you show them the barcode on the app, they scan it and you roll on in. I’ve never had a problem with a barcode, nothing at all. It’s all easy, easy, easy. According to the checkout process, you are told that you need to bring your ID with you, but out of the 15 or so movies that I’ve seen in the last three months, only three of those times was I asked to show my ID. Ironically it wasn’t even for the Rated R movies, it was for PG-13 movies. I’m not scamming the process or saying you have the opportunity to do so, but it’s not a mandatory ask at my theater. Not sure if that is something AMC wants, but in my case, that’s what it is.

(Like in the photo below, you just show your phone, it’s scanned & you’re in.)

AMC A-List Review

In conclusion, what you get is a little bit of everything that I mentioned above! You get an exceptionally easy process when it comes to picking movies, reserving your seats and getting into the theater. There have been no hiccups, no complaints… nothing at all. The app hasn’t even gone down! (cross fingers) It would be easy to talk you down if there were any negatives, but I can’t find one… not yet at least.

A potential negative is whatever comes in the future. If this A-List craze continues to grow to the point that it hurts AMC, (meaning that people are seeing too many movies every month and it shrinks their bottom line) two things will ultimately happen. One, the price will go up — I can see the company jumping this to $29.95 price point easily if you think about the “per viewing” price. Two, the price stays the same but the value goes down. Maybe it’s something like two movies a week or the ‘Ultra Premium’ viewings are removed. I’m not trying to look at it negatively, assuming it’s going to happen, but I’m managing my expectations. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Something that was brought up to me was “are you seeing movies you wouldn’t have seen because of this membership?” The answer to that question is YES! There have been a few movies in the first three months that I would have waited to hit RedBox. Before I wouldn’t roll the dice for $10 when I can rent for cheap later, but now I don’t have to! If AMC is looking to get more butts in the seats, they have succeeded. We are at the beginning of November and I can already tell you that there are at least nine movies I plan to see this month. Three of the movies would be a pass if I didn’t have this membership, but now I’m all in.

AMC A-List Review

Ultimately, this is the best thing that has happened for someone like me who loves going to the movies. I spend $19.95 a month and I get to see 3 movies a week in any format and at anytime of the day. I love spending my Saturday afternoon or night seeing a movie or two and I will continue to do so as long as time allows me.

What I keyed in on in the initial review was how flexibility was the key factor. If Monday night is the best time, head to the theater and catch up on a few movies. No limits. It can be a random Tuesday night, Friday morning…. it’s all in your hands. Three movies in one day? Yes. IMAX viewings at no extra charge? Yes.

Whenever you have free time, whether it’s a couple hours or an entire day… head over to AMC with A-List.

I know months ago there were debates on this vs. MoviePass, but we see how that worked out. This is truly checkmate.

Please let me know if you’re a member or looking to become one! Even more, let me know if you agree or disagree with me. Once again, I highly recommend you hop on the A-List train.



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