Review: Pixar Short Films Collection Vol. 3 (Blu-Ray)

Pixar Short Film CollectionFrom Disney•Pixar and the creative minds who brought you The Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Toy Story comes the studio’s latest collection of delightful and inspiring animated stories – Pixar Shorts: Volume 3. The eleven short films include Oscar® winner Piper (Best Short Film, Animated, 2016) and nominees Sanjay’s Super Team (2015) and Lou (2017). With unforgettable characters, insightful bonus extras, and cutting-edge animation, it’s a must-own for any movie fan!

Pixar Shorts Together for the First Time:

  • Bao
  • Lou
  • Piper
  • Sanjay’s Super Team
  • Riley’s Frist Date?
  • Lava
  • The Radiator Springs 500 1/2
  • Party Central
  • The Blue Umbrella
  • The Legend Of Mar’du
  • Partysaurus Rex

Bonus Features:

Filmmaker Commentaries (Making Bao)

  • Director Domee Shi shares her secret recipe for making an animated short – discussing how her rich cultural heritage, unique relationship with her mom and love of food all informed the making of the food-fantasy Bao.

Caricature: A Horrible Way of Saying “I Love You.”

  • At Pixar, the ultimate sign of respect and admiration from your peers is to become a caricature. Take a look at some hilarious story artists’ representations of their colleagues.

Pixar Short Film CollectionDirector: Domee Shi, Dave Mullins, Alan Barillaro, Sanjay Patel, James Ford Murphy, Josh Cooley, Rob Gibbs, Kelsey Mann, Saschka Unseld, Brian Larsen & more

Runtime: 76 min

Unboxing (see below)


These short films go back the last several years and they all have a strong message to the audience, most of which you can get an idea from in the 1-minute lead in’s with the directors before every short. These are personal and they come from a place of friendship, love, struggle, heritage, etc.

Of the eleven shorts included, six of them are original (Bao, Lou, Piper, Sanjay’s Super Team, Lava & Blue Umbrella) meaning brand new characters not seen before or derived in other films. That’s just a side note, because even though five of these shorts (Riley’s First Date, The Radiator Springs 500 1/2, Party Central, Partysaurus Rex & The Legend Of Mar’du) feature characters or stories from other Pixar movies like Inside Out, Monsters Inc, Cars or Toy Story — most still come from a personal perspective or real-life story from the Director.

If you were to ask me which of these shorts were my favorite, I would tell you it’s Lou, Piper & The Blue Umbrella. Now that I think about it, it’s funny that the ones I enjoyed the most where the ones that had no words… The story telling has to be at it’s strongest when you have to depict everything without words, and they’re so good when it works. It also helps to mention that these shorts had some very creative aspects when it came to working with the environment, transforming aspects, etc.

Which short is your favorite in this collection? Let me know in the comments.


Can Pixar do any wrong? I honestly don’t think so. Whether you’re a grown adult or just a child Pixar always hits you in the right place. It’s actually amazing when you think about it. The Pixar Shorts Film Collection Vol. 3 will be widely available on Digital, Movies Anywhere & Blu-ray Nov 13th. Make sure you pick it up, it’s worth every penny! It will also do as a great Christmas present.



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