Celebrating 10 Years Based: Music Videos

As you know this month (November 2019) the website turns 10 years old! Officially, the date doesn’t arrive until on November 22nd, but I wanted to push out some more material as the month carries on. First it was music and now it’s visuals.

You will notice a lot of little promo videos on my social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram daily, so please feel free to follow along to check it out.

First, make sure you listen to our playlist on Spotify which highlights a bunch of music since 2008. Not all the music is available on Spotify, but continue to let me know what should be added to the playlist. On the music front, now you can re-live some of my favorites through visual form. As I’ve already stated in the last post, not everything is on YouTube or was even made into a music video.

Sit back and enjoy some of classics that have landed on the site since the beginning (2008) all the way up ’till today.

Once again, I appreciate all the support over the last decade on everything I have done on all platforms! Thank you! Thank you!