Celebrating 10 Years Based: Playlist

This month, November 2019, the website turns 10 years old! Officially, the date doesn’t arrive until on November 22nd, but I wanted to push some content out to get the month started.

You will see a lot of little promo videos on my Twitter and Instagram daily, so please feel free to follow along on social media to check it out.

To start the month out properly, I’ve slowly been creating a playlist of all the music that was not only premiered on this site back in 2008, but a bunch of music in and around the last decade that started and grew the “punk rock,” “based,” “hyphy,” “new bay” and “young cali” movements. We are over 200 tracks strong and there is still more to be added. Please let me know what should be added to playlist in the comment section below.

Note: Unfortunately, not all of the music I want to add to this playlist is available on Spotify, so I might upload some more classics on the YouTube channel, stay tuned.

I appreciate all the support over the last decade! Thank you!