What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Jordan Craig

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who dosen’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? This time around we have made new friends with a brand called Jordan Craig! If you are looking for some pants, joggers or anything in between this is the brand you want for the perfect fall and winter weather.

Packaging: The packaging from Jordan Craig was standard retail. Not only is it priority mail which gets to you asap, but above and beyond the initial packaging, all of the pants were wrapped in their own poly bags and everything was branded properly with tags in their stand out red brand colors! There were not any faults that I could find in the shipping.

Design: The designs from Jordan Craig are standard, but don’t let that stray away from anything. This brand has “the goal of delivering the finest quality garments to our customers. With our roots in retail we saw a void in the market and set out to create high quality garments the working man can afford. Over the years we have evolved and changed many times, but we still hold true to our original goal.” The clothing they provide may look standard, but is the quality of these items where this brand really rises.

Quality: As I said, this is where the brand really stands out! In this package we received the twill and fleece jogger and let me say these are extremely comfortable! Let’s start with the fleece, these sweat joggers have 4 pockets, a draw string at the waist and an elastic bottom to complete it. If you are looking for the in style look while remaining comfortable… these are for you. Next you have the twill jogger, this is closer to the pant look and it features a slim fit, elastic bottom, six pockets and a cool inside stitching. While the first jogger is more for a simple, comfortable look, this pair you can wear out to a numerous amount of occasions while still holding the comfort. I already have both these joggers in rotation and more are on the way. Grab some NOW WHILE YOU CAN.

What’s Left: There were no any accessories in this package. The pants were more than enough and stay tuned because there are more on the way! Keep up with them on my Instagram #FashionFriday and here on the site!

Is it Approved? Yes! I am lucky enough to receive clothing from a variety of different brands to fill up my room and closet, but the one thing I have I never had were quality pants. This is why I am so excited for all the future connections we can make with this brand. I could always grab a tee, sweater, jacket and hat, but the standard pants never really pleased my taste. Most jeans, at least to me, are uncomfortable so I always looked for cotton or twill style pants and joggers which is how I originally came to know this brand.

You want your pants to be fitting, comfortable and stylish at the same time, so when I use the word “standard” with pants, this is a good thing. Jordan Craig is the right place to grab these items so learn more HERE and Google the brand to grab some gear. Note: this review is on pants, but this brand creates quialty gear like this from head to toe as well.