What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. GoPro

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its a brand new gadget like a GoPro? Today we got a package from my good friends over at GoPro! I have wanted one of these forever and I was really blessed to get to check out one. Follow below for some photos and a really cool video.

Packaging: The retail packaging was perfect. Everything is presented in a very clean, precise and professional way. The GoPro Hero4 Silver comes enclosed in hard plastic box along with everything inside laid out on top of each other. More than what it comes with, using it was an absolute blast as you can imagine.

Design: The design of the GoPro Hero4 silver is better than ever and still very small, but packs a punch. Now it has an integrated touch display that you can use to preview photos and videos to frame your perfect shot. Controlling the camera, framing shots and playing back content is now ultra convenient—just view, tap and swipe the screen. This is what makes the Silver edition so great!

I don’t know about you, but I take my Nikon camera with me everywhere! There are always times where I want to record situations, but can’t due to risk of breaking it for many reasons. Now, with the GoPro I can jump into pools and swim with it, I can play sports with it, I can take it when I go on my wave runner, biking, hiking, etc. You literally can take this ting everywhere and there is little to no risk of anything going wrong. As you know, GoPro gives you the footage you always wanted to film.

Quality: The quality from GoPro is really above and beyond. It has better image quality than any of the best-selling GoPro cameras that came before it. Capture stunning 1080p60 video that’s sharper and more lifelike than ever. High-resolution, high frame rate 720p120 and 960p100 video delivers exceptionally smooth slow-motion playback of all your highlights. Even more, with 12MP Burst photos at a blistering 30 frames per second you can take photos at ease. It also has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, settings for night-time, low light mode, time lapse options and a whole lot more. It’s a full package! Check out the video montage I put together below! Watch in HD!

This is what comes with your purchase: you not only get the HERO4 Silver Camera with Built-In Touch Display, but you get Standard Housing, Skeleton + Touch Backdoors, a Rechargeable Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount, Flat Adhesive Mount, Quick Release Buckles, 3-Way Pivot Arm and a USB Cable. Essentially most of what you need comes with the camera, but make sure you visit your local electronics store to pick up dozens of accessories to mount this to your head, arm, backpack, car, wrist…. options are limitless.

Is it Approved? Yes of course! Go get yourself one right now! I used to be skeptical about purchasing a GoPro before because I’ve always had a nice camera to capture moments. I really did underestimated how much I thought I would use it because for the time I used it… I used it all the time. I found myself grabbing it just for a simple ride to the city because you never know what you might see and record. What use to be an idea of “an unneeded accessory” has turned into a must need at every moment.

When it comes to getting the Silver edition or the Black edition I would shoot for the Silver. The touch screen is really handy to view your clips, delete and share via WI-FI. The only advantage the black has is shooting in higher quality 4K. 4K is cool, but unnecessary right now, especially for everyone using the GoPro for fun. Go with the Silver

Shout out to the entire GoPro Staff for sending it over, it was fun to use and play with!