What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. DFYNT Clothing

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? We have a brand new brand to feature on the site by the name of DFYNT clothing! Take a look at what we got along with info on the brand below!

Packaging: The packaging from this brand was simple and to the point. Everything was delivered via priority mail, and everything was placed inside the box neatly. One of the Tee’s was in a poly bag, but the hoodie and the Faux tee were not. Poly bags are not a necessity, so that’s not a super big deal. Nothing bad to report in this part of the review.

Design: The designs from this brand hit both marks and not just one. Most brands hit the “IN YOUR FACE” designs, or subtle and simple… here you get both. You can go bold with the POW!, Secrets, Winning and Ferrari designs – then you can go simple with all their Faux pieces and short sleeve hoodies. It’s more your preference, so head to the site and check it all out. Follow to the bottom of the page to catch this more in depth.

Quality: The thing I like most about all brands today is the attention, or the thought better yet to the quality of their materials. A lot of brands a few years back just screen printed their tees and hoodies on cheap material with the though of design over quality. Officially, the Faux tee is a Cotton T-shirt with Faux Leather Sleeves, Body Stripe and Pocket T with Side Zippers – the DFYNT POW! hoodie & DFYNTANT Lips tee are 100% Cotton – and the matching Faux bucket hat is all leather. Quality is solid here, nothing to look down at or against.

What’s Left: To go along with what we got, we also received a bucket hat. Officially it is the Black Faux Leather Bucket with DFYNT Patch that perfectly matches the tee we got, easily an outfit that I will wear. In fact, I will be wearing these tomorrow with my costume since I need to be blacked out from head to toe. It adds that style that I was looking for perfectly. Stay tuned to my official Instagram for the look.

Is it Approved? When I get hit up by brands that are respectively new, usually I am kind to that fact. I’m not going to bash a group of people that are working hard trying to establish themselves. So, in the past I have looked on the positives of small brands and kept out the negatives because that’s what matters. When it comes to this brand, I like what they’re doing. A lot of brands have that “IN YOUR FACE” type of presence that can be seen right now all over the fashion world.

As much as I like that side of fashion trends right now, there is a definite need for a clean cut appearance as well. I think the major highlight of this brand is their cut and sew faux design pieces seen in their tees, crewnecks and hoodies. I can easily rock these pieces to any high end club in LA and look the part easily. I’m not sure if that has ever been a hard thought for this brand to focus on, but I can see artists like Jason Derulo, Miguel, Ne-Yo, Jeremih & likeminded artists wearing these faux items because they are subtle, clean, classy and yet trendy while not being in your face. Go get yourself some gear HERE.