What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. EXHIBITION

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who dosen’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? This time we got brand new gear from our family EXHIBITION! Be sure to follow below to learn about what’s new plus see what we got!

Packaging: Exhibition has convenient fast shipping! If you live in California you will have your gear ASAP and if your in the United States you should have it in a few days. The usual fast shipping!

Design: This line has simple, yet bold designs keeping the classic colorway of black, red, white & gold. We received the “Golden Ring” Tee, “Leon de los Muertos” Tee, “Controller” Tee, & the “Xception” Tee. Not only are they all new designs or new takes on old ones, but with this current colorway it’s a perfect fit for you wardrobe because it can go with anything & you can almost wear it everywhere. It’s just an all around simple, but bold look.

Quality: The quality from EXHIBITION sits at a great standard. All of the tees are 100% cotton and they feature High-Quality Durable EXBTN Ink, Tagless Label & Care Information along with an EXBTN Logo on the back. All the tees available are more of a heavyweight style of a shirt than lightweight style. As you know from previous reviews, either way is fine, but that is just extra info if you need it.

What’s Left: Included in this package were a Bar Floral Bucket Hat, the patcch snapback, a bandanna and some stickers! You all know how I feel about accessories, you can never get your hands on enough stickers and it’s great branding material. The headwear is all lightweight and premium.

Is it Approved? Yes! As they state, “Creating is our passion, lifeblood and dream. We sacrifice everything to live our dream and we encourage you to do the same. This is your chance. You are an exhibition of all that is you. Follow your dream and honor it by giving it everything you have.” I look forward to what this brand has up next! Make sure you go and get some gear HERE and shoutout to the entire staff!