What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. TRUKFIT

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? We just received another package from Lil Wayne’s clothing line TRUKFIT! It’s full of some brand new gear perfect for fall weather so check out the review to see what we got!

Packaging: The packaging from TRUKFIT is still premium in all shapes and forms like I have mentioned in previous reviews. As usual, the package arrives in priority mail which gets to you quick. Above and beyond the initial packaging, all of the gear is wrapped in their own poly bags and nicely packaged! No faults and no worries.

Design: The designs from TRUKFIT really fit what they say they represent as stated in previous reviews,” TRUKFIT is for raging individualists, defined by their bold choices in culture and fashion. They want to make a statement and need clothes that speak for them. Everywhere art, fashion and music collide, TRUKFIT is there – thriving.” If you believe in that quote and want to make a statement in the fashion world then this brand is for you! In their new designs you can see a focus on the “blitz” design seen across their shirts, hoodies, hats, and shorts along with takes of “space” designs as well. Simple, but cool.

Quality: Let’s pay attention to my favorite part of this package, the Trukfit Code Popover Hoodie. I’m a website coder, graphic designer and geek at heart so a hoodie covered with computer code is right up my ally. The sweater is extremely comfortable and fits great to size. Also included in the package was the Trukfit Spacey T-Shirt, the Trukfit Blitz Crewneck and some Trukfit Denim Shorts. The crewneck is a very heavy shirt made with 100% Cotton French Terry. Even though it’s heavy, it’s comfortable and fits to size, the same goes for the Spacey Tee too. When it comes to the shorts, ripped material is in and these shorts are in. One thing I would promote is ordering a size up because they are a little short. But note, I’m 6 feet tall so that might just affect me.

What’s Left: Officially, we didn’t get any accessories in this package, but if you head over to their website you can get your hands on a variety of hats, socks and more. Go and check out what they have in stock for this Spring and Summer!

Is it Approved? I want to reiterate again something I have mentioned before, “Regardless of personal agendas, I tell the truth on these reviews. I literally turn down brands that offer me clothes if I can tell designs and what not aren’t up to par.” I have more than a few items from TRUKFIT and I am liking the brand more every time around. The gear is comfortable and regardless of what you think, it is trendy. I can almost guarantee you can find something on their site so visit their site and pick up something for the warm weather!