What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Golden Denim

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when it’s denim? Today we got a brand new exclusive package from someone I hope to stay connected with for a long time to come. Meet Golden Denim! Looking for the right brand to stick with for bottoms? I got you covered, forever.

Packaging: The packaging from Golden Denim is premium, right out of the store fresh. It all comes it in their own poly bags and all the gear is branded perfectly just like you would pick up at the store. If you order your gear from their site, you can get it to your place in a matter of days via priority mail that everyone uses now.

Design: In this case the design will have to go with what you are looking for. Their collections range from The Marathon, The Heritages, The Traditions, The Pasiekas, The Trainers and The Skinnies. Each design has it’s own look and it’s on purpose on every level for all of your fits. One category, The Marathon, has three sub categories of it’s own that include: “Solids” “Zips” and “Basic.”

Lets roll out the specifics, the designs I received were: In the Marathons section, the Cherokee, Midnight Paisley, and Matt (Zip.) In the Tradition section, the Diesel & the Retro Black. Then, in the Trainer section, the Charcoal with Black. When it comes to the Marathons’ they are both a fitted pant / chino style jogger pant that feature an elastic ankle cuff that are built to last. On the zip side of the Marathons’, the Matt Zip, which is my favorite is also a fitted jogger with an elastic cuff, but it has a zipper foot opening to go along with it. Continuing on with design, the Traditions are both a slim straight kind of pant that feature a ribbed biker detailing on the front, also built to last. Lastly, the Trainers are a paneled jogger that feature a fleece elastic cuff on the bottom. Beyond all that every single pant has a zipper fly closure and all pockets are hand cut and sewn.

I have been known for years for the way I dress: from high school, college and now through the events I go to and who I work with. The number one thing I always hated about my outfits were the denim I had to wear, essentially the bottom half of my fits every time I walked out the door. I absolutely hate regular denim, call me weird, but just plain old blue & black jeans look off to me. It’s SO STANDARD and I’ve never been a fan because my style is anything but. For years I have tried to connect the dots with something I like, which has had me wearing a lot of chino style pants and sweat like joggers from companies. You would almost never catch me in denim until now, I am beyond pleased, and this brand has upped my game immensely.This brand is exactly what I have been looking for and it’s nothing standard at all. Every piece that they offer follows an extreme attention to detail, which I am big on… and the look, the look man, spot on in every piece I received. Sometimes the little things don’t matter, but when all the little things are spot on it really makes a difference. “THIS IS A COLLECTION OF PANTS INSPIRED BY THE CALIFORNIA LIFESTYLE AND A LOVE FOR DENIM. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY EVERY PAIR OF JEANS AS MUCH AS WE ENJOYED MAKING THEM.”

Quality: The quality of these pants all fit the title of fabric that consists of comfort. Everything fits to size and it’s all made from 98% Cotton & 2% Spandex. That Spandex can be felt around the waist, which I like because that little bit of stretch ability makes the pants more comfortable. On a better note, all their products are Cut, Sewn, Printed, Treated and finished entirely in The U.S.A. Can it get better than that? Embellishments include custom Golden Denim metal / wood buttons, gunmetal rivets & a custom woven Golden Denim label. Please make a note that every single piece is hand washed & treated, so each garment can vary in shade and / or tone.

I have already gone around and wore every single one of these pants and I can’t find anything negative to say about the quality or anything else. What’s are the biggest worries with denim: Do they fit to size? Yes. Are they comfortable? Yes. Are they in style / trendy? Yes. Does the fabric feel cheap? No. Are they worth the price? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. Will I return to buy again? Yes. I don’t know if there is anything else.

What’s left?: Also included in the package was a cool little wooden key chain with their logo on it and a pin that says “Stay Golden” fitting perfectly with the brand name. Also another tid bit that I liked was the tag on the tags that says “Shit Happens. Stay Golden.”

Is it Approved? Yes! Yes! Yes! It could sound stupid again, but prior to this brand I hated denim because of how plain it looks, but this brand does it completely right and I hope I am blessed enough to do another review with more denim soon. Make sure you head over to their website right now to grab a pair or two, you won’t be disappointed. There is something for everyone depending on the cut or look you may be looking for.

BIG S/O to John & Abraham over at Golden Denim for putting this together for me and let’s continue to work through the future!