What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. TRUKFIT

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? We just received another package from Lil Wayne’s clothing line TRUKFIT! It’s full of some brand new gear perfect for Fall & Holiday weather so check out the review to see what we got!

Packaging: The packaging from TRUKFIT is still premium in all shapes and forms like I have mentioned in previous reviews. As usual, the package arrives in priority mail which gets to you quick. Above and beyond the initial packaging, all of the gear is wrapped in their own poly bags and nicely packaged! No faults and no worries.

Design: The designs from TRUKFIT really fit what they say they represent as stated in previous reviews,” TRUKFIT is for raging individualists, defined by their bold choices in culture and fashion. They want to make a statement and need clothes that speak for them. Everywhere art, fashion and music collide, TRUKFIT is there – thriving.” In this review we got their Everest/Dead Sea/Altitude collection which sticks to the black and blue colorway as you can see below.

Quality: Inside the package we received the Dead Sea Funnel Neck hoodie, the Altitude Color Block crew, the Armstrong Border Crewneck & the Dead Sea Allover Sweatpants. My favorite two items are the Funnel Neck & the Sweatpants: the Hoodie is really cool because it’s this comfortable half hood fit. As funny as this may sound I have thick-heavy duty hoodies from other brands that (the hood) is too big and it doesn’t look right. Unless you really need a hood, this is a cool new look to add to your fit. Note: it fits true to size and it’s 100% Polyester. The sweatpants fit perfectly into a chill type of outfit, catch me in a layered black tee, TRUKFIT sweatpants and Huarache’s, done. They fit more like joggers too, which is always a plus. Sweatpants from this brand are still my favorite! Note: fits true to size and it’s 100& Polyester Fleece.

What’s Left: Along with everything, we also received the allover reversible bucket hat that not only matches the gear, but also reverses to a clean all white look. The hat fits as it should and it’s 100% polyester. Check out more of their headwear on the site.

Is it Approved? I want to reiterate again something I have mentioned before, “Regardless of personal agendas, I tell the truth on these reviews. I literally turn down brands that offer me clothes if I can tell designs and what not aren’t up to par.” I have more plenty of items from TRUKFIT now and I am liking the brand more every time around. The gear is comfortable and regardless of what you think, it is trendy. I can almost guarantee you can find something on their site so visit their site and pick up something up for the Fall Season. Also note that they have some really cool stuff on the way for Spring ’16. Keep it locked in!