What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Pink Dolphin

It’s yet again time for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Just in time for Christmas and the Holiday season, we are going to review the Pink Dolphin Holiday Collection as we start to close out the year of 2015 already! More exclusive stuff is on the way, so see what you can get your hands on right now in the review/pictorial below!


Packaging: Pink Dolphin always has top notch shopping. As usual, all of the gear is wrapped in their own branded poly bags to keep it out of the printer fresh. This brand continues to push the quality of their gear, so you will never have to worry about it.

Design: This Holiday line has a whole bunch of new designs and takes on old logos, so many that it would be crazy to list them all, so peep the lineup on their site and see what you like the best. If I had to pick some favorites from this collection it would be the Wave Addict and the Sports/ Waves Classics designs. At the end of the day, at least for me, there is still nothing like the classic Pink Dolphin logo on any item. As for those items, you can get your hands on literally anything from head to toe at their online store or flagships in San Fransisco or Los Angeles.

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Quality: Ok, so, you already know from previous reviews and knowledge that all of Pink Dolphin’s tees, crews, hoodies, jerseys, long-sleeves, sweats, pants, etc all fit as they should (unless stated on their site to order a size up.) You also know that quality is never an issue, literally just the standard quality tee today from Pink Dolphin compared to the old standard tees are night and day. Very soft/comfortable and all the way legit. Beyond all that, what I want to focus on are the higher quality and priced items they currently offer in this release.

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Sherpa Bomber: As stated on the site: “Indigo Denim Outer. Sherpa at lining and Collar. Single Welt Front Pockets. P Embroidery at Chest. 2×1 Ribbing at cuffs and bottom hem. Branded shanks up CF.” Notes: Everything in this case is true, plus this bomber is super comfortable and a perfect look for cold weather while still looking fashionable. There is even a inside pocket and one on your upper arm as well. Definitely recommend this one.


Prosperity Data Mosh Varsity Jacket Puffer: As stated on the site: “Premium Satin Polyester Outer. Self-Fabric Chest Applique. Poly-fill. Unique paneling detail throughout. Single welt Zipper Pockets at inner sleeves. Custom Cross Quilting at interior and some exterior panels. Slip front pockets. Zipper guard Placket with large Prosperity embroidery down CF. 3m Reflective Data Mosh Print at side and lower sleeve panels. Lined with Twill w/3m Reflective Data Mosh Print.” Notes: There is nothing wrong with this either and I have already worn it a couple times out too, but I do have one little thing to say, that might apply to you like it did me. I have a size LARGE and while it fits as it should in every way, it’s snug on the shoulders and upper arms. I’m 6 feet tall with broad shoulders, so if you have broad shoulders too or you lift and your arms are bigger than average I would go a size up or try it on at the store, because of the Puffer look it makes the arm room a little smaller. It’s a super picky minor note, but it couple help someone.

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Biker Denim in Oil Wash: Notes: At first when I held these up I though my god! these are hella long, but once I put them on they fit correctly and that added length doesn’t show up because the tightness of the bottom of the denim stacks like they show it on their website. Very durable pair of jeans.

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What’s Left: As you know from reading most of these reviews, were are always left are always the Pink Dolphin LGND points! You are able to save up these points you will be able to redeem them for gift certificates to get yourself some well earned FREE-gear! Also included were two snapbacks and the new Leather Wallet! Hats fit, feel and look as they should and the Pebble Leather Wallet is super clean cut.

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Is it Approved? It might get repetitive but above and beyond any clothing line, I always look forward to what the future holds for Pink Dolphin Clothing. Every line really does see new designs and higher quality on their products. As always and since 2008 a super BIG shoutout to my friend Cena for always looking out for me.