Philips Hue: LightStrip Plus Review


To continue my string of reviews with Philips Hue, up next we have the LightStrip Plus. This is can be added to your Hue Bridge and sync with your Starter Kit. “The most flexible light source imaginable. Shape it, attach it to any solid surface and extend it up to 33 feet by adding 40 inch extensions.” This, outside of the starter kit may be the most attractive thing Philips has to offer because you can customize any piece of your house or apartment with lights.

Unboxing —

Like I mentioned before, “something I really like that Apple does so well is their packaging, it’s so crisp, clean and simple. Philips Hue fits itself right into that category as well. Everything is so precise and clean cut. Open the box and it’s literally ready to go. I don’t want to use “idiot proof,” but it’s right on the mark. There isn’t loads of directions or crazy loop holes to understand, things to learn… it’s literally ready to go! BAM! BAM! BAM!”

strip1 strip2 strip3 strip4

Set Up —

It’s really easy…. Take the strip and remove the adhesive tape and apply it to whatever you want to light up like “furniture, in coves, under kitchen cabinets or highlight architectural features.” After that connect to power and then sync it to the Hue Bridge! It’s really that easy.. in just a few minutes you’ll have it up and running with the rest of your Hue lights.

Price —

The price on this Starter Kit is $89.99 to add to your Hue collection. Is that worth it? Follow below and decide for yourself.

Experience —

Below is what is listed with LightStip Plus, what it does, etc. Everything in color is my experience with it so far, if it applied to me.

Ultimate Flexibility: Shape, Bend and Extend

Philips Hue lightstrip plus is the most flexible light source imaginable. You can shape the strip in nearly any form and use the adhesive tape on the back to attach it to any solid surface. If needed, you can cut your Philips Hue lightstrip plus to size at the scissor markings. Integrate Philips Hue lightstrip plus into furniture, in coves, under kitchen cabinets or highlight architectural features with smooth, indirect light. Philips Hue lightstrip plus is the most versatile and robust light source that will bring your room to life.

How it worked for me: I just need to say “this is awesome.” The flexibility is real because I used adhesive tape in a matter of a few minutes to go all the way around the back of my television. It’s been a few weeks and it hasn’t moved at all. Watch movies, television and playing video games with this strip on the back of it has become a staple. This is where the app ‘Hue Camera’ comes into full effect, watching the colors change with whatever is on the screen really enhances your experience!

Philips! Bring the Ambilight TV’s to America! Philips actually makes televisions that have lights built in the back that do this automatically and even better, but only in the UK! You can also sync your Hue Lights with it… I really want to get my hands on that!

Another thing I want to suggest for Philips Management that reads this… Make an APP for the lights to sync with the TV like the 3rd party app does! It’s a little bit of a hassle to set up your phone camera to face the TV to do this through that app. Imagine if I could activate an app on the Xbox /Playstation / ChromeCast / Amazon Fire/ Apple TV/ etc that (through the wifi on the television) told the lights what the colors were on the screen like the app does. That would be a HUGE selling point for people that aren’t interested in the lights, but want to enhance their movie, television experience. 

Extendable up to 33 Feet

Extend your Philips Hue lightstrip plus up to 33 feet by adding 40 inch extensions to cover larger surfaces and enable wider applications. From bright cove lighting to ambient navigation light in your hallway or stairs, anything is possible. Philips Hue lightstrip plus gives you full color consistency from the first to the last extension.

How it worked for me: In this case I didn’t have or need a second set, by the looks of the video and the reputation I have become to love with Philips Hue, I can only assume that it’s easy and seamless like everything else.

Before and After shots!

Just like last time, I wanted to give you guys some shots from my room with how I used this product. Just drag the photos and you can see some examples of how it’s in use behind my TV. What use to be normal — — — BAM! now it’s Philips Hue. Sorry if these low light night images don’t fit your quality control. Also note that everything looks even better in person! Seeing this, would you want it? I’m assuming so.

Conclusion — is it worth?

YES! YES! YES! Once you begin on the Hue Journey, there’s no going back. All the personal customization that’s involved with it…. it applies to anyone in any occasion. I don’t watch television anymore without my LightStrip being on, playing some late night video games…. yup! the lights behind the TV are on. If you see Hue products and think, “ehh who needs colorful lights,” I can guarantee everyone will like the LightStrip Plus alone! Put it behind your TV, line the back of your desk, under your entertainment center, behind/under your kitchen cabinets, under your couch…. Like I said, “endless customization.”

Something to mention again, “This is also something VERY contagious. I have had this for a few weeks and my brother and his girlfriend want to get some for their apartment, my mom wants it, friends want to hop on the train. It’s a Hue Virus! ahaha”

Click HERE to visit their website and pick up the LightStrip Plus. Either that or head over to your local Best Buy and pick it up. I can almost guarantee you will be back for more. Stay tuned for my next reviews on the Hue Bloom & the Hue Go!

More reviews on the way!