Suicide Squad Movie Review

moviebasedSSRight when I heard the news for ‘Suicide Squad’ I was juiced; that hype continued when the first, second and third trailers dropped… Next thing you knew it was Comic Con and individual trailers started coming out, posters, TV Spots, magazine covers — everything was amping up for the biggest movie of the summer. August 5th couldn’t come fast enough.

The week prior to the release all the reviews starting coming out and critics were (and still are) bashing it. The ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ site right now has it at a 26%… are you f#&king kidding me? As the negatives reviews continued to arise it made me angry, no way this movie was bad — and even more than before I was ready to see it. At the very worst this was a good movie? Right?

I have been back from catching it in IMAX just an hour ago and let me tell you something, the critics must have been high while they were watching this movie.

As you can see from my score I gave it a 3.5/5 stars or for easy figuring 7/10.


From the hype this created (at least for me) I and probably everyone reading this set the bar really high for this film. This was looking like solid 9/10, it was going to blow us all away and set a standard for DC’s upcoming movies. Right? Not quite.

The first half of the movie is spot on, you get an inside peek into who they are and a little bit of a backstory to create these characters as the movie grows some legs. Once we get to the point where they have to go out and fight “the badder guy” the movie gets lazy and predictable.

The interaction between some of the characters are spot on and with a two hour movie they did quite well for how many characters they had to introduce and grow with the plot! (Just as a side note, an entire movie can be made with the Joker & Harley Quinn.)

A few of “the squad” obviously steal the show and it’s quite noticeable to distinguish the tiers from Deadshot & Harley Quinn’s characters and how they interact compared to others on their team. The Joker only had a few scenes in this movie, which was disappointing, but they packed a punch and Leto did a fantastic job. I wish his scenes lasted a minute or two longer so we could really dive into the disturbing world he lives in.

There a few lines in the movie that are corny and you wonder why they are in there at all. The plot, at a few points just isn’t quite right, but it’s a good movie. I wish it were a darker, more evil-villain like film — so we will have to hope this Joker/Quinn movie happens so we can have that.

By the time the movie is all said and done the current 3.9/5 star Rotten Tomatoes user score sits around right. It will fall to somewhere above a 3/5 if I had to guess. The #1 problem with people bashing it is the fact that everyone thought this movie was going to be a HOLY SH#T, BADASS, 9/10, 4.5/5 stars movie and since it fell under that, the 7/10 it should be getting is getting over-dramatized with 3’s, 4’s & 5’s.

Do yourself a favor and go see this movie. It’s worth your time and your money.