How to Save Money on 4K UHD Movies

Save Money on 4K MoviesBought a 4K TV recently with all the right specs? If you did, like myself, you paid a pretty penny for it. Now what can you do with it? There are only a couple channels that are 4K available right now, Netflix and a few other sources have 4K content, and even more, (if you have that) you need a top notch internet connection to be able to stream steady and continuos 4K video.

So, what’s the easiest solution right now until 4K becomes more ‘streamlined’ in television and streaming services? Movies. Right now you can go to your local electronics store and get yourself a 4K UHD Blu-Ray player that is capable of producing 4K UHD HDR content to your television. If you are a movie buff, nerd, addict, whatever, (like me) I’m assuming you bought this TV with a 4K Blu-Player simply because that’s the only real reason to own one of these TV’s right now.

If you buy a lot of movies, you know that most Blu-Ray’s drop at $19.99 or $24.99 the day they are released, but these new 4K Movies start at $29.99. Blu-Ray gives you the BD & DVD, while 4K releases give you 4K UHD & BD. It is an upgrade, and that cost comes along with it.

More money on movies, I know. You paid $10.50 to go see it in theaters and now you have to shell out another $30 to own it on the best platform available right now, 4K UHD — more simply known as — 4 times the quality of HD. You might think, “Who cares if it’s a a couple bucks more, your getting better quality content” which is valid, the DVD is replaced a Blu-Ray and the Blu-Ray is replaced with 4K in the packaging — all improvements.

BUT — that $5 – $10 stacks over the course of a year. For easy figuring you buy 20 new movies a year, (two-ish a month) you’ll be spending up to an extra $200 a year for this 4K content. How can you decrease that number? I have a method I’ve been using which decreases the price back down to the Blu-Ray level, so if you want to save some money, even if it’s $5 every time you purchase a new 4K movie, see if this works for you like it has for me.

Pre-Order movies you know you’ll buy during sales.

I’m not talking about picking something up on a splurge when your out at your local Best Buy, Target or Wal-Mart. I’m talking about those movies you saw in theaters that you know you’ll want to own on Day 1. You may think, “I can just save that $5 or $10 bucks when the movie’s been out for a couple weeks or months and the price decreases” valid thought, but — I doubt you go and see a movie, really enjoy it and want to own it, but then wait weeks to buy it to save a couple bucks? Hey, if that’s your thing, props to you. Save money your own way.

Here’s one process – through Best Buy:

Just a few months ago Best Buy had it’s semi annual “Spend $100 and Save $25 with VISA checkout,” Sale but, at the same exact time you can double dip with the “Buy 3 4K Movies save $20” Sale on top of it. With that, like I mentioned above, I took advantage with Pre-Ordering and here’s how it worked:


Arrival 4K $29.99
Fantastic Beasts 4K $29.99
Suicide Squad 4K $29.99


Shallows 4K $29.99

The total came to – $120 with all Day 1 $29.99 prices, then the (Buy 3 4K Movies save $20) activated which brought it down to – $100. Now the VISA Checkout Sale applied and dropped it another $25 to an actual total of $75 or $18.75 a movie! Add the taxes and the final total was $81.33 which comes out to $20.33 a movie. With the Pre-Order strategy in place I saved $12 per 4K movie!

Here’s another process – through Best Buy:

Just last week Best Buy had the “Spend $100 and Save $25 with VISA checkout,” Sale again. This process doesn’t double dip like the first, but here’s how it still works with taking advantage of Pre-Ordering:


Inferno 4K $29.99
Passengers 4K $29.99
Marvel’s Doctor Strange (Exclusive SteelBook) $29.99


Drive & No Country for Old Men for $5.99 each

The total came to – $101, and with the VISA Checkout Sale applied it dropped it $25 to a total of $76, add the taxes and the final total was $83.30. I added the $5.99 movies to make it go over the $100 threshold for the deal, so it’s like I got those FREE and each $29.99 movie comes to $22.49. With the Pre-Order strategy in place I saved $7.50 per movie.

So, if you take advantage of the VISA Checkout Sale alone, you will save $7.50 a movie making every $30 4K Movie $22.50. Another thing to note — you don’t get charged with Pre-Orders until it ships, so it’s like your buying them Day 1 when the time comes anyways, except it’s cheaper.


Save Money on 4K Movies

This process I use isn’t mind bending, but it’s like saving FREE money for just changing the way you purchase. When these sales happen you can Pre-Order movies and save the money ahead of time. Realistically you don’t have to use these sales for Pre-Orders only, you can use these to pick up movies now. If you pick up a 4K TV this year, there are movies you are going to want to own in 4K that you’ll be able to go back and get. Just do it with a sale and you’ll save even more.

Even more recently Best Buy’s Visa Checkout Sale was happening again with a $19.99 4K Movie Sale on top of it. You could have easily picked up 5 Movies for $100 and then got $25 off making each movie $15 — $5 cheaper because you double dipped with the sale.

This is borderline coupon clipping, but the way I see it is: if at the very minimum (meaning you don’t double dip on sales) you can save $7.50 on each 4K Movie! That means every (4) 4K Movie you buy, you save $30 — which is another 4K Movie at Day 1 Price!

Basically Buy 4 Get 1 Free.

I’m already buying these movies as it is, so Buy 4, Get 1 Free sounds great to me! Let me know your thoughts, if you use this strategy, or how it worked for you if you try what I said from this article.



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