Pink Dolphin Spring ’17 Pt. 1 Lookbook

SP17PT1_Lookbook_12The newest lookbook from Pink Dolphin has landed and it’s the ‘Spring’ ’17 Pt. 1 Collection. It will be available January 21st at Midnight EST and will drop at SF & LA flagships at 11am. My favorite releases from Pink Dolphin are full of color in Spring & Summer and this fits the bill topped off with new designs, pieces, etc. Hit the jump to check out more and let us know what your going to buy.


SP17PT1_Lookbook_02 SP17PT1_Lookbook_06 SP17PT1_Lookbook_08 SP17PT1_Lookbook_09 SP17PT1_Lookbook_10 SP17PT1_Lookbook_11 SP17PT1_Lookbook_14

Click HERE to see the rest of the lookbook.