Mozzy “Nobody Knows” feat. Jay Rock & DCMBR

After an appearance on the Kendrick Lamar curation Black Panther: The Album, Sacramento’s favorite rapper Mozzy has delivered his own follow-up, “Nobody Knows,” featuring Jay Rock and DCMBR. This is the first release off his ‘Spiritual Conversations’ album due out March 2nd, and it’s being premiered exclusively through Billboard today. Read more…

If the song is any indication into what the rest of the project will sound like, fans can expect signature Mozzy — loose flow paired with poignant lyrics and a West Coast sound, all punctuated with a singing outro.

Given the two features, the song is relatively short, with Mozzy, Jay, and DCMBR each getting one verse of their own. Mozzy opens, reflecting on money, friendships, and deaths. “I promise if you my brother, I just want you to shine,” he raps.

Jay Rock (who was also featured on the Black Panther album) follows up with some equally thoughtful, slightly witty commentary: “They only love you when….” then he cuts, pauses, and continues with “I ain’t gotta speak on it,  you got a brain.”

In an interview with Billboard last month, Mozzy said Spiritual Conversations would only consist of a few songs, but each one would be personal. “So it’s tapping into my spirituality, basically just having a conversation with God. We don’t tend to have conversations with God unless we broke, or someone is recently killed, or we in jail, or something traumatic happened. That’s when everybody turned to God,” he said.

And as a highly prolific rapper, the upcoming EP is seemingly not enough. Mozzy is also prepping for a second studio album Gangland Landlord, which is yet to have a set release date. Last year, his debut studio album — though his entire catalogue spans to over thirty projects –1 Up Top Ahk was met with wide critical acclaim.

Listen to the first cut from the EP HERE and pre-order it on iTunes here.