Hollywood’s Top 10 Power Stylists of the Decade

Ten years, 94 tastemakers and 34 magazine covers later, it’s been a red carpet revolution. For the 10th edition of the Power Stylists issue, The Hollywood Reporter removes rankings and celebrates the decade’s most impactful looks, Hollywood’s biggest provocateurs and the changing of the “It girl” guard.

In the decade since The Hollywood Reporter first shined a spotlight on the formerly behind-the-scenes role of a stylist, they have moved to the forefront of fashion and Hollywood. “With social media, more people are paying attention to the red carpet than ever before.

You see the pre-carpet prep and red carpet looks on the celebrities’ Instagrams, the stylists’ accounts and also on the live streams,” says designer Michael Kors, adding that the fashion process itself has altered over the years: “There is more partnership between the designer and the stylist than there used to be. Celebrities today know what works for them, so for the big red carpets, we’re all in constant communication on everything from the color of a dress to the accessories and the jewelry that will best complement the look.”

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