What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Booger Kids

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its clothing? Today we got a dope package from a dope brand by the name of Booger Kids! This is the first of many to come with this brand so continue below to see what they hooked us up with!!

Packaging: The packaging from Booger Kids came together like every other brand, but in a good way of course. Everything was individually wrapped in poly bags keeping it right out the printer fresh. The package also came to us via priority mail, so this will get to your door quick, especially if you are in California or even better, the Bay Area!

Design: The designs from Booger Kids are, well let me just show you exactly what they say about it, “One sentence to describe the brand: Booger kids is a graphic design driven clothing brand that is spirited by partying, gun, homies and pop culture. #LIFEISAPARTY” All their designs 100% fall suit to this and if you fit anywhere in that category, there is definitely something for you with this brand, so check it all out HERE.

Quality: The quality from Booger Kids is super solid in this Holiday collection. All of the tees, sweaters and long sleeves are heavyweight, printed in high quality, tagged properly and fit to size. What I received was the 0 to 100 Long-sleeve, Culture Hoodie, No Limits Tee & the My Hittas tee. Everything is clean and I’m impressed.

What’s left?: Also included in the package was a snapback and a bunch of stickers. Officially the hat is the Paris Snap Black and I love the simplicity of this hat. Nothing flashy, but it’s dope and fashion trendy, at least to me it is one of my favorite hats for sure.(Note: I think it would be even more dope if it said “Midnight In Paris.”)

Is it Approved? Yes of course! Go get yourself some brand new gear right now! As the brand continues to grow, I only look forward to what is to come next and I look forward to more packages to come as the weather starts to get warmer!

Shout out to the entire Booger Kids Staff! Nothing but love!