What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Olloclip

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when its a brand new gadget for your phone? Today we got a package from my good friends over at Olloclip! Have you always wanted to up your photography game for Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media platform? Well now you can get your hands on it and we will show you all the specs! Check it out below.

Packaging: The retail packaging was perfect. Everything is presented in a very clean, precise and professional way. The Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens pieces you get come enclosed in plastic along with three wearable color pendants, a cloth holding case, a lanyard and lens covers. More than what it comes with, using it was a blast.

Design: The design of the Olloclip 4 in 1 Lens is pretty cool. Very practical, easy to use and easy to bring with you. It has a compact design that works on both front and rear-facing cameras, it clips on and off iPhone in seconds with no extra parts needed and you can share it and wear it with 3 colorful pendants. Officially, the two lens that we got were the Fish Eye and the Wide Angle as you will see below.

As the brand states: “The olloclip brand includes a growing line of ground-breaking tools and accessories for the mobile photographer. Leveraging the phenomenal success of its flagship product, the 4-IN-1 Photo Lens, the company continues to innovate with products like the new wearable 4-in-1 lens for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus and other revolutionary products like the Telephoto + CPL lens, Macro 3-IN-1 lens and Quick-Flip™ case — all designed to push the parameters of what’s possible in mobile photography.”

Quality: The quality from Olloclip is really solid! It has been completely redesigned for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus with 4 advanced-optic lenses. Their pocket-sized, patented design now works on both front and rear-facing cameras so you can let your photos and selfies run wild while using two lens at once. Plus, this is the best type of camera, because it’s always with you.

I have had this case for a couple of weeks already and I bring it everywhere that I go. I either just throw it in my camera bag, or for example, last weekend when I was hiking I attached it to the provided lanyard and every time I wanted to use it I slid it on in a matter of seconds, slipped it off a few seconds later and it was back on my neck. It’s crazy mobile and super easy to use. Below check out some shots I took so you can see the difference with the Wide Angle lens, I picked very local normal spots. It’s always better to get more in the picture! Before and after below!

Is it Approved? Yes of course! This is a must for anyone that likes taking pictures with their phone! Go get yourself one right now! The options they have available are not only for the iPhone 6, but the 5’s and the 4’s as well. Even more, there are multiple lens available from Optical Magnification in rages from 2x all the way to 21+, Polarizing Lens, Portrait and more! I really give this 5 Stars, 10/10 and two thumbs up!

Shout out to the entire Olloclip Staff!