What’s In The Based Update’s Mailbox ft. Capbeast (Custom Hats)

It’s time again for another ‘WITBUM’ aka What’s in The Based Update’s Mailbox! Who doesn’t like getting mail, especially when it’s headwear? Today we got a brand new exclusive package from someone new and it’s pretty dope, meet Capbeast! Have you always wanted to get some custom hats made, but didn’t know where? I got you covered.

Packaging: The packaging from Capbeast is simple, you could even call it standard, but hats are nice and simple to ship so you don’t need anything too fancy. The hats ship out quick when they are finished, so they will arrive promptly.

Design: In this case the design will be of your own, so use your imagination. The two hats that I had made were for my site “Young California” and the other, my nickname “FreeMatt.” These are perfect samples that you can custom make your own way. Throw your logo on a hat, get your nickname, favorite quote, whatever, made on a hat. Sky’s the limit.

Lets roll out the specifics like you can see HERE. You pick one of their many hats they have available, then you decide a color scheme, add an image, text or both and then checkout. For my case I used the “Classic Snapback” made by Yupoong in all black. This is a snap that I really like, it fits perfectly for me, it’s simple, not overdone nor ugly. For the “Young California” hat, I uploaded the logo and then added some simple text to the side and the back. For the “FreeMatt hat I just used text all the way around. If your curious, the font I used was “Anton,” because it’s bold, clean and not fancy. After you get through all of the steps, you just checkout and wait for hat to come in, in about 2 weeks…. Is it really that simple? Yes. Still don’t believe me?

For the past couple years I have wanted to make a ton of custom hats. There are a good dozen I have wanted to get made, but didn’t know how to go about it. Just a few months ago I started searching online and all the places I would find looked “suspect,” or they had weird looking or “old man” hats, so I never went through with buying anything online. After I gave up on that, I called a few places to get estimates…. Yikes, it got even worse then. Every place was looking for a 20 or 25 hat minimum order at $15 to $25 a hat. There was no way I was shelling out $150 to over $500 for a bunch of hats I don’t need. I just want one, why can’t it be easy? Truth be told, the only place that I found to be decently local and trustworthy had me priced at $75 for one hat and I had to use their provided fonts and that was just the front text I wanted…. If I wanted my own font, it jumped over $100. I laughed and gave up.

To my surprise, Capbeast came through with a strong product. You have my word that it is trustworthy and it works if you know what you want. I got fancy with my hats throwing text all around it, but just the text on the front of the hat, which is all you really need ran at $42.00 for the “FreeMatt” hat. For the custom digitized logo “Young California” hat, it wasn’t much more.

Quality: The quality of these custom hats came through exactly as I wanted them to. All the stitching was done properly from what I can tell and I already know these Yupoong hats are durable so I’m not worried about that either. To be honest, I was worried about how these hats were going to look because I had never done this before. Quality is something I always preach and if it looked good, but sucked everywhere else I would tell you.

What’s left?: Since you got everything you needed above check out their FAQ to learn about any questions you may have from shipping, embroidering, bulk discounts, samples and more.

Is it Approved? Yes! If you are wanting to get a couple custom hats made and you can’t seem to find the right place, Capbeast is for you. Custom hats are all over the internet, type it in and you will find dozens upon dozens of sites all claiming the same thing, but just like me you don’t know if they work or what the hats actually look like for yourself. Get a hat made from Capbeast, and you won’t be disappointed.

BIG S/O to Francis over at Capbeast for putting this together for me!