A Look in the Past with Cena Barhaghi


To start off our brand new feature ‘A Look in the Past’ we are going back to our first interview ever with Cena Barhaghi, the Co-Founder & Designer of Pink Dolphin Clothing. This goes way back to November of 2009 when he was only known as Cena from Drop, not Cena from Pink Dolphin. Check it out below (mind you that the interview is completely unaltered) and keep it locked in for who’s up next and more features on Pink Dolphin in the future.

Tell us about yourself. Whats your name? Where are you from?

Cena from DROP. I’m from the East Bay currently stayin in San Jose. Im the ONLY designer for Pink Dolphin. Everything you see was designed by me. All three of us (Young L, EZ, me) come up with ideas but I put the ideas to reality which you see on tees. I also handle most of the business aspect of the company.

What does the word “based” mean to you?

Based is the mind-state in which you live a unique lifestyle. Youre different from others. Also when your in your zone, thats being based for me.

How did you get into the clothing industry? What/Who inspired you?

I actually kinda fell in it. I used to do a lot of artwork for Young L and he hit me one day and asked me if I wanted to design for this new company he was starting. We linked and it took off from there.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

Right now were gearing up for the new and improved Pink Dolphin for 2010. Your gonna see a lot of upgrades to our garments, quality wise. The company is also expanding a lot so be prepared to see us in some stores. Other than that, Im still grindin out doing other ventures. I side manage The Doubles who are a bay area duo who just released there first mixtape. Im executive producing all there new projects so be prepared for that.

Are there any clothing lines out there you would like to collab with, but haven’t got the chance yet?

I don’t really have anyone in mind but were always down to collab with any dope lines.

Besides Pink Dolphin who are your favorite clothing lines right now?

I really don’t wear anything besides Pink Dolphin but I like TITS, WeSC, Louis Vuitton of course and Levis.

You go by “Cena from Drop” whats Drop?

DROP is my media company. It consists of me and Soheezy from The Doubles. You might recognize our name from the old bay scene, we did a lot of photography and artwork for almost every bay artist. Right now, Im really doing Pink Dolphin and Soheezy is producing and rapping. All the beats that we put out are still under the name DROP. I still do the occasional MySpace layout or album cover but for the most part, Ive moved on to bigger things.

What are some things that people don’t know about you?

I played various instruments in band in high school. I’m a beast at photoshop and illustrator. And its still MOB. Ha.

Whats some advice you can give the people that want to get into the clothing industry?

Make sure you network and get connects. Networking is the biggest thing in this industry and the music industry. Ive built up quite a big network of people I know in the music and clothing business over the last 5 years. Its crazy what connects can do for you. Also, make sure you focus on making money because at the end of the day, thats what were all playing this “game” for.

Any news you want to spill about Pink Dolphin that no one or little people know about?

Spring 2010 is gonna be magical…