Disney Movie Club ‘VIP’ Review

dmcvipIf you caught my super in-depth Disney Movie Club review, you know that I showed you top to bottom that it’s a steal. No question, but what about VIP once you finish your commitment? At first I wasn’t impressed to say the least, but after I got word of what was going down I had to share this again on what you can / could / should accomplish with this VIP Status…

I didn’t know much about VIP except the note that it was going to be “more savings and deals,” but I thought that meant (at least to me) that it would be something like “half off / Toy Story” or “half off / Mulan,” “half off / Alice & Wonderland,” something like “this week only,” “today only” or something similar to make you impulse buy with classics you want to own. They, so far, have seemed to steer away from most to animated or classic movies, just random films.

Just for note, so you know what I am talking about, here are the deals so far: (there is one deal per week)

  • Enchanted $8.78
  • Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion $8.99
  • Gone in 60 Seconds: $10.00
  • Down and Out in Beverly Hills: $8.78
  • James and The Giant Peach: $12.00
  • Treasure Planet 10th Anniversary: $12.00
  • Dead Poets Society (DVD): $8.00

Updated (continued)

  • Wings of Life: $15.00
  • Kronk’s New Groove (DVD): $8.00
  • Swiss Family Robinson (DVD): $8.00
  • Tinker Bell Adventure: $12.00
  • Prestige (DVD): $7.98

These prices are near-spot on with Amazon, nothing crazy with savings. The only thing cool, if you are a pin collector is that there are select pins that can be included FREE with your order.


Alright – let’s get to deal and what I got. 

VIP Members get 60% OFF all movies.

Are you serious? Yes, that means nearly every Blu-Ray movie on the site is somewhere between $8-$12 depending on it’s original price. So every movies is, on average $10. Talk about stacking your collection with 60% savings on everything! Absolutely ridiculous.

Just so you can see how it worked in action:


That’s right… before a disturbing $9.91 for shipping I got all 5 of these MARVEL movies for a total of $51.90. With everything shipping & tax the total came to $67.06. I could have bought 10 Blu Rays for around $120 if I wanted to cash in on movies I don’t own yet.

How does this stack up when it comes to other stores // here is your comparison.


Basically I saved $40… $50 if the ‘processing joke’ didn’t exist at $1.50 a movie. Also note that all these prices were LIVE during Amazon’s #PrimeDay so these movies were marked down in order to create competition. These prices will be higher now that the #PrimeDay week of commotion is over.


If you are nearing your VIP Status, I would suggest to stay VIP for a while to see if something like this pops up again. Like I mentioned, every Blu-Ray movie was around $10 and you can order up to 3 of each title. My sister wanted a couple movies so, for example: I can grab Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Maleficent & Brave all on Blu-Ray for a total of $40. That’s unheard of.

At first this offer said it was available until the end of the year, but about a week later it was taken down and removed from the site. I’m assuming something like this could be on the horizon again for a short time. 

Here is the best deal available right now up until August 15th, 2016.

VIP Members get 50% OFF all additional movies when you buy 1 at regular price & Free Shipping!

This is another pretty awesome deal if you are trying to pick up another bulk of movies. Just for fun I added a couple movies and went to checkout and that disturbing Shipping & Processing really didn’t exist. Awesome!

If you are new to this whole Disney Movie Club — learn more about it and start your collection with massive deals through my first Disney Movie Club Review.

Please let me know in the comments if either of my reviews helped you!