Threadhitter Review: Not a scam, but you get what you pay for.

If you’ve seen or heard anything about Threadhitter, you can understand how questionable it seems to be. The prices seem to be too low and random words found around the internet are pretty negative. Major drawback out of the gate.

When you search the hashtag on Instagram there are a small amount of photos, 90% of which are listed from their account. Nothing to push you in to pay or even draw you in. Then, when you move over to Twitter and search the brand name you find their official account which hasn’t tweeted since May of 2016.

Even worse from a Twitter search; it is nothing but negative words talking about a scam, people not getting their money back, taking months to get an order — you get the picture — nothing about this brand’s presence is positive online, at all.

I even glanced across their Instagram comments on their account and the brand literally responded to a customer saying this,

“we don’t answer emails when the answer to the question is posted in the FAQs. We also don’t really answer emails when people ask how long until it’s shipped when it’s been less than a week. We always ship and people always get their stuff. If you’re ever not satisfied with the wait time, were always happy to refund you your money.”

While nagging customers will be a headache, and I have read their FAQ which basically says SHIPPING IS SLOW, you never put things like this out publicly because anyone on the fence will run away if this is the representation.

Enough of the intro, let get into the experience(s) I’ve had.

First Order

I got the basic, standard, package; 3 long tees, 1 pair of denim pants, a dad hat & a jacket. My impressions on this was…. insanely impressed. First note that none of these packages come in a box, it comes in a bag. Yes, a bag. To put it vaguely, it’s like its shoved/thrown into a bag and shipped with average standards.

The tees and hat were basic, but that’s what they are supposed to be. The bomber jacket was on the cheap side, but like the tees, it all made sense for the price. The pants were legitimate and worth well more than I paid for the entire box. All around worth it.

That’s the first thing to note: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Everything that is listed on this site is cheap in price because I’m assuming they buy ‘excess’ in bulk from brands on items that won’t be sold anymore. Threadhitter then wraps it all up in a ‘mystery’ style box (bag) and sells it to you for a very low price.

Second / Third Order

This time around they were having a 4th of July sale and I was essentially getting 2 standard packages for $20 a piece. With that, I got one for myself and one for my cousin who was celebrating his birthday. Having a really good first package, I only expected good things, but was heavily denied.

Not only did the “pants” in my package end up being sweats, but absolutely nothing fit. Two of the tee’s were incredibly cheap material which didn’t fit, and the jacket was a “sweatshirt” that was cheap and didn’t fit. The second package (for my cousin) was more of the same thing when it came to cheap, but everything fit, which was good. It was just underwhelming in quality and it was nothing like my first order.

From that, I hit the customer service email to ask about a potential refund or what I should do to have my order fixed. Going against everything negative said online, I got a response in under 24 hours and they offered me a ‘refund gift card’ to re-purchase another package.

Here’s that thing to note again: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Fourth Order

This time it wasn’t my money at play, it was my refund package being sent to me, but I was able to get more gear because as usual, they had a sale going on. The package was set to include 5 Tee’s, 1 Pant, 1 Jacket & Sunglasses.

Glasses were standard sunglasses, the jeans didn’t fit, two of the five tee’s didn’t fit (three were good) and the “jacket” was actually a hoodie. The hoodie was awesome to pair with long tee’s, it has zippers, comfortable fit, a win in the package. Something else to note is that two of three tee’s that fit where the exact same tee. Yeap, the exact same shirt.

Here’s that thing to note again: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Some more hits and misses in total and at this point I was done. Have it be bad luck, or what have you. I wasn’t a happy camper, but something changed which brought me back.

Fifth Order

At this point you’re probably thinking that I am out of my mind to go back into this brand, but they had a big overhaul and they had a lot of name brands on the table now. I figured I was going to go for it one more time, end it, and write a review on the 5th package. Note that I also ordered a Size Up because of the way the gear fit in my previous orders.

This time around it was $25 and I got 1 “Branded Sweater,” 3 Long Tee’s, 1 Jacket, 2 Accessories, 1 Diamond Hat & (the gold mine) 1 Pair of Golden Denim.

The Golden Denim was worth it all by itself, so that was the winner and — it was the winner in the package. A perfect, solid pair of jeans — highly recommended brand! The Diamond Hat was exactly that and the two accessories were a Mighty Healthy Beanie & hat — all good. Then, the 3 “long” tees were not long tee’s at all, just regular tee’s, and while they fit to size, the style and design of these two I’m talking about were horrible. Nothing I can do about that, I just got unlucky in that department.

The “Branded” sweater was horrendously ugly again (to my bad luck), and the Jacket wasn’t even a jacket, it was a cloak looking thing. I guess technically cloak type of outerwear items could be acceptable for a jacket category, but it won’t keep me warm, but we will just have to agree to disagree on that.

Here’s that certain thing to note again: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Threadhitter Review

Overall this package was hit and miss and that leads perfectly into the conclusion.


Threadhitter has the right idea for what they are, but they miss the mark in area’s that would only have positive effects for the brand.

First problem is shipping: (all around)

You have to allow 6-9 business days for order processing / payment verification as well as an additional 3-5 business days for delivery. Essentially you could have to wait 3+ weeks to get your package. When you pay $ on a site that doesn’t feel legitimate and two weeks go buy without notice, you immediately think scam because nothing takes that long. Right?

The shipping needs to be cut in half, processing shouldn’t take more than a week…. Coming from their side of things, you are paying a low price, so there is a legitimate argument there for lazy shipping. Like I mentioned, you get what you pay for.

But….. something that 100% isn’t acceptable is the packaging.

It comes in a bag, and it always seems like it’s shoved in there, it’s not pretty. Imagine if it came in a branded Threadhitter box, even something like a simple T… it would look legit and it would be share worthy on social media, something to post and brag about. That aspect is missing.

Maybe that’s just me being nit-picky. It isn’t a necessity, but it would help.

The next problem is sizing/quality:

From the packages I have received, it seems like you need to order a size up because the gear feels small to size. That’s a big problem that hit and misses because there are multiple brands involved. Some brand’s gear fit smaller naturally and some are more loose. You can’t avoid it, but you can get ahead of it. Something a little bigger, is way better than too small.

To really sum it all up….

This brand / website isn’t a scam, but it looks that way if you do a little research. That’s why I wrote this in the first place, it’s misleading but false. You get what you pay for and you have to wait for it as well, so be patient and get ready to do so. My advice would be to pair a box with a brand that you trust. Don’t throw $50 or $100 into a mystery box of randomness, pick something smaller that is safe.

For example, getting a $25 Golden Denim box guarantees you a pair of Golden Denim jeans, something you can trust. Sure it comes with random tee’s and whatnot, but that’s the risk factor in this box. There are more options similar to this with brands like Black Scale, Pink Dolphin, Diamond, HUF and Kith. Be smart and you’ll win.

You want to minimize risk at all costs. You might think, why should I have to? If you do it correctly, you can come out on top with very low prices and awesome gear in your closet.

Threadhitter Review

The brand has increased it’s randomness to bigger brand names, so if that’s the direction of this company, they’re on the right path.

Hope this fits what you are looking for if you found this. I didn’t do unboxing photos of the items because I didn’t think I’d write a review. Maybe the brand will contact me and send me mystery boxes to review with photos, but that’s up to them.



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