The Ten Commandments: Limited Collector’s Edition

Enjoying a life of ease in the court of Egypt’s pharaoh, Moses (Charlton Heston) discovers his Hebrew heritage and, later, God’s expectations of him. He dedicates himself to liberating his people from captivity and — with the aid of plagues and divine intervention — manages to lead them out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. A greater challenge comes in the form of the golden calf idol, however, and it takes an unforgettable visitation by God on Mount Sinai for Moses’ mission to prevail.

Plot: Moses (Charlton Heston), an Egyptian Prince, learns of his true heritage as a Hebrew and his divine mission as the deliverer of his people.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Runtime: 136min (1924 Edition) 220 min (1956 Edition)

Rotten Tomatoes Consensus: Bombastic and occasionally silly but extravagantly entertaining, Cecil B. DeMille’s all-star spectacular is a muscular retelling of the great Bible story.

Online Ratings:

  1. Rotten Tomatoes 94% (Audience 87%)
  2. IMDB 7.8


“Both films — one package, just in time for Easter.”

For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few motion pictures can claim to equal the splendor of renowned director Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 epic The Ten Commandments. Arriving just in time for the Easter gift-giving season, the beloved masterpiece has been presented in a new Blu-ray Digibook from Paramount Home Entertainment.

This release features three blu-ray discs and includes not only the fully restored 1956 version of the film, but also DeMille’s original 1923 silent version + a 16-page booklet featuring rare photos and historical facts about both productions. The set also includes an in-depth, 73-minute documentary entitled “The Ten Commandments: Making Miracles,” commentary on the 1956 film by Katherine Orrison, author of “Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille’s Epic, The Ten Commandments,” newsreel footage of the film’s New York premiere, theatrical trailers, hand-tinted footage of the Exodus and Parting of the Red Sea sequence from the 1923 version, a two-color Technicolor segment and photo galleries.

You can get your hands on this release on March 10th! Don’t miss out!

DeMille’s last motion picture made Charlton Heston a superstar and, still to this day, remains a cinematic triumph and perennial fan-favorite. Filmed in Egypt and the Sinai with one of the biggest sets ever constructed for a motion picture, The Ten Commandments tells the story of the life of Moses. Once favored in the Pharaoh’s household, Moses turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom.

I can’t recommend this set enough if you don’t already own both editions of the film. I personally own the Six Disc Limited Edition Gift that released back in 2011, so if you have that you’ll probably pass on this… but if you don’t, $15 for this set is a no-brainer and a complete steal — it’s a must own for the Easter season.



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