Oscar Predictions: 2020

Best Picture

Prediction: 1917

My Pick: Parasite

What seems to happen every single year is a battle between two movies, but not this year — this year I could see multiple films winning, it’s going to be exciting to see what happens. While something like Parasite, 1917 or Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood will most likely win, I think there’s a chance we could be in for a shock and Joker or Jojo Rabbit will pop out of nowhere.

1.) Parasite will have a very interesting night because I believe what it wins will ultimately dictate what it loses. If Bong Joon-ho wins for Best Director, then it won’t win for Best Picture. (Not because it doesn’t deserve both, but 1917’s achievements can’t be forgotten.) This movie has the biggest tidal wave of support going in — I have no idea what’s going to happen.

2.) 1917 sits in the same strange category that Parasite falls in — wins will dictate loses. I don’t believe Director and Picture will go hand in hand, so if Sam Mendes wins Best Director, then 1917 will fall out of contention. You already know what I think about 1917 because I think Sam Mendes will win, so we’ll leave that where it is.

3.) Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood has 10 nominations on the night and who doesn’t love a Hollywood movie more than Hollywood? Besides that, there’s also a shot here because Tarantino hasn’t won Best Picture yet and (according to him) he’s only doing one more movie.

4.) Jojo Rabbit is a crowd pleasing movie and it survives and thrives on heart-alone, but it deals with a very touchy subject. Don’t ask me, but somehow… it works. It probably won’t win, but just keep your eye on it.

While any of those four could win, one movie hasn’t moved the needle since I saw it in theater, Joker. This movie was masterfully acted and directed, shot with astounding cinematography and it even had an exquisite score to heighten the tension — I still love everything about it. On top of that it leads with 11 nominations and deep down inside I hope it will win Best Picture.

Crazy things that could happen? No big wins for Parasite or 1917. How? Let’s say Sam Mendes wins for Directing and a sleeper or 1917 takes Best Picture, Parasite gets nothing — while the inverse could happen and Bong Joon-ho wins for Directing and a sleeper or Parasite takes Best Picture, 1917 gets nothing. That will be the talk for weeks to come.

Even crazier? A sleeper like Joker wins Best Picture and Tarantino wins for Directing. Just imagine…

Let’s see what happens Sunday, February 9th — it should be interesting. I’d be shocked if I get all these right.



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